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Silly question.

Of course you do! It is an important function of any optical practice and doing it well or simply just doing it - can make a big difference to practice profitablility. 

It isn't a cheap activity. Whether you do it completely in-house or use a third-party production facility, you are probably sending a letter or postcard at least once and probably two or three times to encourage a patient to return for (primarily) an eye examination. The postage alone, let alone the materials involved and your time, make every one of those communications, quite a considerable investment.

So, it makes a lot of sense to try to make sure that you get it right first time - that the recipient actually responds by making an appointment or returning to the practice. Recall Solutions provides you with the tools to make that happen, more effectively and more often - whether your preference is for a letter, a postcard or email - and for as little as the equivalent of £25 per month! That's only 82 pence per day!

We have hundreds of optical templates, professionally designed specifically to encourage your patients to make that recall appointment and all available in a simple point-and-click dashboard. All you have to do is choose the template(s) for the type of recipient(s) you are targetting, upload your patient list from your practice management system and send. Our system links directly into one of the largest print and mailing facilities in the country (Docmail), who then produce and post your recall requirements. A4 letters in full colour are priced at 49p and full colour A5 postcards are 50p. Email is sent directly from our own platform at a cost of 2p per email.

Want Facebook Campaigns too? Subscribers get access to 150 professional campaigns that you can automatically choose to appear on your Facebook account. 

Want Database Marketing material? Subscribers also have access to a vast range of templates that you can edit and deploy to your existing customers.

Sign up for a free trial of the system for 14 days using the special code 6396. Do it now by clicking here!


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